Every fan knows that some players are ”calmer”, some ”frightened” and for others there are words like ”winner” or ”loser”, some are known as ”sluggard”, others are ”world champions of trainings and nowhere to be found during matches”.

All these objectives are imaginary categories are final consequences of a complex process of mixing genetic predisposition with events from the childhood – a final picture.

We wrote more than 70 articles and recorded more than 200 video clips about that process.

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We live in a world of neurotic rush,

everyday routine which destroys

human creativity and will.

Ernesto Sabato

Rush is the worst.

Where the rush is there are neither fruits nor flowers.

Fear is typical for it, human behaves like a machine, he is not responsible any more,

he is not free, he does not recognize others.

Ernesto Sabato


What is the goal of the camp?

Learning handball by methods of Handball Education. Coaching is adjusted to the quality level of each team and participants acquire handball skills in a positive emotional environment. By an individual approach to each team, the work program is adjusted to the players’ abilities.

Indirect teaching methods do not simply a one-sided learning perspective, instead we place players into an environment where they independently search for solutions in line with their characteristics.

For the past 20 years we have been working in the largest handball camps in Croatia and now we have decided to combine these experiences with the values of Handball Education all in one camp.

We are convinced that there is a lot of room for improvement in handball. We transfer knowledge and experience through seminars, lectures and camps. So far, we have been to 3 continents, and books have found their way to 35 countries on 5 continents. The results of the research lead us to interesting conclusions, and we publish papers and work programs.