3:2:1 defence was invented by Krešo Pavlin from Zagreb.

Vlado Stenzel made it famous at the beginning of the 1970s, and it has become a trademark of all major successes of Croatian handball, in the National Team or on a club level.

We are witnessing a time when this type of defence is hardly ever used in senior handball, but we firmly believe that young players need to be familiar with it and learn the basics.

In order for them to know it and to be able to play against it in offence.

Learning with traditional methods is based on the movement automatisation of a defence player, most importantly the triangle movement of the front line.

We develop Handball Education methods

to teach players to play based on a hierarchy of responsibility for every defence player

and the automatisation in reading the game.

By developing these abilities, we help each player develop tactical awareness.

This in turn helps them fulfil their potential

and ensures a coherent defence.

You can opt for a “Basic Programme” of learning if your team doesn’t know how to play 3:2:1 defence or if they are in the process of learning.

If your team knows how to play 3:2:1 defence, and you want to refresh their knowledge and get an insight into a different learning method, go for the “Advanced Programme”.

For this programme we ask you to send us a video of one game where you are playing 3:2:1 defence in order to determine the current level of knowledge.

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