Why do we think that indirect methods of learning are better than direct ones?

Why is creating frames of methodology better that outright correction?

We can see the reason in the very nature of the game:

Handball is defined by rules.

And within these rules Tonka is looking for her path to success. This gives a certain beauty to the game, and an endless space for personal expression to the player.


If handball were defined as one person determining what all the players should do and correcting them when they aren’t doing so, the game would be boring and wouldn't advance because it would be one-dimensional and limited by one person's mind.

This comparison can be applied to learning methods as well.

Indirect methods are based on the idea that we can create a developmental boost for Tonka to find her own solution, learn, advance and create her own handball touch, all by us determining a good frame for her to do so.

Orders and endless repetitions of the coach’s idea place everyone within the limits of one solution seen by only one person.


The second reason why it is important to lead indirectly is the everyday boost of the development of cognitive abilities.

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