Men’s EHF European Handball Championship, Croatia 2018

In the first 12 minutes of the second half, Spain was beating Sweden 8: 1. The key element of the game was the deep, aggressive defence based on a quick reading of the game, a takeover of the players and attacking the ball, not the attackers.

In that period, Sweden had 2 timeouts, they were trying to attack with one and two line players, with 7 players, but the surprise was too great.

Arpad Šterbik had 5 saves.

Mikael Appelgren had 4 saves.

Men’s Junior World Championship, Argelia 2017

Let’s see how the Spanish players played defence in 2017 in the Men’s Junior World Championship finals:

Men’s Youth World Championship, Georgia 2017

Let’s also see how their friends played the defence same year in the Men’s Youth World Championship final:

If in 3 finals, 3 different generations play the same, then it may not be a surprise.