AUTHORITARIAN LEADERSHIP: Basic Characteristics 1/3

It is undignified and offending when we need to obey orders, 

although we are more than ready for cooperation.

– Jesper Juul –

The coach keeps his integrity by firm authority, he has knowledge and experience or he is young and ambitious, he thinks kids have to become senior players before having an opinion and till then they need a firm hand. 

The development is based on his demand for repetition of what brings results; everything else is stopped. 

Relationship is marked by high level of control, moralising, criticising, excessive praise, mockery, offending, intolerance; if there is a conflict – it is clear who is to blame. 

We hope there is less and less physical punishment or that is completely gone. 

Judging by himself, he does not allow a child to deviate, to be different from “given model”, to have diverse playing development (he knows what the best is for a player). 

He does that by criticising “bad ones” and praising “good “ones

and he reaches his goal: everybody does things the way they should be done. 

The area of responsibility is not clearly divided: coach is the person with the ultimate authority, his power is unlimited, and a player’s area of responsibility is to carry through coach’s will. 

Given this division of responsibility, we see a paradox situation:

A player makes decision about the game;

a coach is denying him the right to do it.  

Their relationship is changing from one situation to another, depending on what suits the coach in given moment.

The word  „responsibility“ we use in a context of making decision, meaning taking responsibility for deciding, not in a context of taking responsibility for consequences of those decisions.

(Too)often we witness situations in which a person takes responsibility for deciding, while leaving the responsibility for consequences of those decisions to somebody else, especially in the case of failure. 

A person is happy to take over a responsibility for success from a person who took responsibility for making a good decision.

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