AUTHORITARIAN LEADERSHIP: Basic Characteristics 2/3

Leading a young team in such way will usually give quick results. 


Authoritarian coach leads kids by giving direct instructions – offering ready-to-use solutions which he came up with through his own experience or personal reflection. 

There is already somebody at trainings who will tell them how to behave,

what to think,

when to listen,

what they are allowed to say,

where they should stand,

why they should be happy –

at trainings there will be a leader in a person of a coach. 

He will lead them and with his power he has overtaken their internal leadership, since he knows it better. 

Kids listen.

Thinking and seeking solutions, they will learn somewhere else. 

If they are lucky, they will find such place. 


The problem is that these capabilities are being learnt from early childhood, and if not then, a grown up person is not capable of learning them or it is very difficult.  

What sense for self-worth

has a person who is not capable of taking care of himself

or does not make his own decisions?

This is for us to judge.


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