AUTHORITARIAN LEADERSHIP: impact in the children development 2/3

It is undignified and offending when we need to obey orders,

Although we are more than ready for cooperation.

– Jesper Juul –

When ”good kids” express their opinion, they consider a pressure from a coach as an introduction to a punishment. The consequence is an adult who is determined by a mindset from his childhood: dependence on a praise of others. 


This often leads to a life that adds up to a desire to reach unrealistic perfect ideals. 

On the other side, they are afraid of other people’s opinions: 

What if result of their opinion would be a critic, a punishment or something similar? 

What if I am not good enough? 

A fear of making mistake is created and continuous feeling of being guilty.

When we add up a dependence on a praise and turning away from criticism, we get a person who does not have an internal leadership and who is searching it in others, has difficulties in standing up for himself and easily becomes a victim.


A sense of self-worth is permanently destroyed with such kids, because:

How could somebody be sure that he is always valuable,

if he depends on other people’s opinion?

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