AUTHORITARIAN LEADERSHIP: long-term consequences on playing 2/2

You can take the man out of the ghetto,

but you can’t take the ghetto of the man.

– Zlatan Ibrahimović –

We usually call such players: rascals, mischiefs, scamps... they are usually all alone against others. 

If they are not talented, they soon stop playing handball and everybody is happy: ”They only created problems.” 

If they are talented, the coach gives in some of his power only to them, because he expects a favour in return during the match. 

The experience is teaching us that such players often bring victories: they are not afraid. 


If the team is made mostly of obedient players from previous chapter and one or two rascals, they will partially take over leadership from the coach and the team will depend on their self-will. 

They have earned the right to make their own decisions during the match, thus they will develop in better players: they will try, make mistakes, score goals, miss the goals, pass the ball in various ways and learn by doing so. 

Some will grow into good players and coach will take over major credit. However, the truth may look different:

They succeeded despite such leadership. 

The pressure and potential punishments will not stop them; because of their faith in the coach they will accept most of what he was saying to them and they will become: arogant, cheeky, rude…


The relationship between coach and such players will depend solely on the result of the match: 

When players play well: coach praise them, accept their power, “take credits for their talents”.

When players do not play well: considering that the coach has transferred responsibility, gave up his power and the rights to create the game, usually he concludes:

I have given you everything and this is way you return me. 

A punishment follows.


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