Is backhand the fastest way to pass the ball to the left or right of the attacker moving towards the goal,

or an element off limits at a young age because it is essentially pushing the ball?

And pushing the ball when passing is a wrong move.

I agree 100% with coaches who think that pushing the ball during most attacks longer than 3-4 m is not a good idea. The ball flies slowly and it is easy to predict where the player will push it because his arm and hand movement will show it.

This is why I think we should teach players to perform backhand as a way of throwing,

and not pushing the ball.

In the Croatian handball school, backhand has such a lousy reputation that some coaches call every wrong backhand pass a backhand, and not a wrong assessment of the situation.

On the other hand, every wrong pass using a basic technique is seen as a learning process.

A backhand is like any other element in handball: only as good as it is performed by a player.

If, during a penetration, Filip is far enough from the defence and has the time to lift the ball high enough to shoot or pass, it is best to do it using a basic pass.


However, if for some reason he is too close to lift his hand, he has two options: let the defence stop him with an appropriate foul, or pass the ball with a backhand.


I think it’s better to teach a player to perform a backhand well

than to allow the defence to stop the attack.


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