The problem that arises in creating a game is perceiving the players as the circles drawn on paper

and attempting to create actions that create a numerical superiority after one or two passes,

with offering one to two best, easy-to-implement solutions.

Contrary to this approach, there is the education of the players on the use of game space depending on our tactical ideas and the defence movements.

By encouraging the continuous reading of the game, we teach them how to react depending on the situation, as opposed to predetermined movements when drawing circles and running on predetermined lines.

In the final phase of coaching young players, it is necessary to teach them how to independently create those situations that encourage their virtues and hide their shortcomings.

If a young player develops this ability, it becomes a major asset in his handball skills development, because he joins the seniors with the idea of what situations are of his advantage and how to create them in the game and which situations should be avoided.

Such tactical thinking, if automated, will significantly increase his playing quality and will maximise his handball capabilities.

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