“Movement Speed”

This form of speed we all see when the wing runs in the counter-attack or when the back player runs away from the defensive player and scores a goal. However, the movement speed is a decisive element of all tactical ideas and also at parts of the playground where it is not so clear.


In entering of left or right back on double pivot it is important for all the involved players to move fast enough in order for it to succeed.

A crucial moment can be the attacking speed of the left back.

If he comes fast enough, he will probably create doubts at the center half and front defence player and allow a centre back situation 2:1 with the right wing, and if he does it slower, he will make time to the front player so that he could stop him and prevent the creation of a numerical superiority player on the right side.

When the right wing scores a goal, as the team has successfully realised the resulting numerical superiority,

the left back’s speed can go unnoticed,

but objectively that was one of the key moments.

On the other hand, stopping the action because of his slow movement will not immediately influence the result, but will in time create maybe a decisive advantage for the rival.


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