When we offend or humiliate, results are quick: kids get scared, instantly obey and consequences of such relationship will become obvious when they grow up a bit.

When we mask our frustration with sweet-talking, kids do not take us seriously – messages we send are confusing.

Competent coach does not see players in kids, makes no difference between them based on who jumps higher or passes the ball better; because emphasising one characteristic or capability (positive or negative), may have negative influence on their psychological development, especially in the early years of training handball.

They fail to develop a relationship towards “different me”.

At least until they are 12 or 13, we should avoid exaggerations, a technique some coaches use to help kids building self-confidence. It will grow by learning handball techniques and winning matches, unless we do reckless things and destroy their sense of self-worth.

Coach knows that by strengthening kid’s self-confidence we do not strengthen his sense of self-worth. A child does not consider himself better only because of his capability to do something.

Those are two different things. 

We will write about self-confidence here