Talented children are capable of learning many handball elements at the very early stage. When they win, they get many praises and rewards from the people surrounding them.

However, becoming mature too early may have too high price in the future.

A child’s success may be a result of his desire to please people in his environment, not his own internal urge.

Occasional failures and search for right solutions

are essential parts of learning process about himself.

Exaggerated praise becomes a burden; exaggerated criticism causes passivity and accepting negative picture about oneself.

With authentic behaviour and clear expression of personal opinions, coach presents himself to kids, his leadership, the game, shows them a pathway they could follow.

With accepting their differences, he allows them development of capabilities to take personal decisions.

When they make mistakes, he shows them he does not agree, but does not judge nor punish them.

He creates an interactive relationship,

allows a child independent thinking.

With expressing his own opinions and with his behaviour he directs the group in the direction they should follow.

With such leadership, the team may, in some moments, divert from so-called ideal pathway, but reward for an effort to revert back will be great: children will learn to take care of themselves.

With the time, they will have a chance to become adults who are not victims but capable of living their own lives the way they want. Those who will be active sport players will have a chance to learn setting up their own goals, finding motivation to reach them, delaying pleasure and handling defeats.

This is because they have tried it all and created mental situations in their childhood- the emotional patterns under which they will behave in such situations.