Disappearing of data, neurons or pathway?

Is forgetting erasing of data or losing traces of the memory?

Simply said, certain information exists in our brain but we cannot find it or at least we cannot find it fast enough.

Think of situations when we could not remember somebody’s name, so we remembered it by using associations to something else. This is because we do not move into right direction towards the information.

All we learn, from arithmetic to  shooting the ball from a wrong foot, we place in a memory by use of constructivism and a neural pathway is strengthened by emotions and repetition.

When remembering information, if we do not use the same path as we did when we created the memory, we will not be able to find information or we will do it much slower.

Think of a boy who learns a shot from wrong foot „on dry”; he stands in the queue, being bored or he tried it at training only 2-3 weeks earlier. He gets the ball in the counterattack, close to the 6 m line and he stands on the wrong foot:

What is the likelihood he would find the pathway to the shot from the wrong foot in that moment?

It is important to learn technical elements by using integral methods in emotionally stimulating environment and repeating them while simulating situations from the match. If we do that, the pathway to information will be direct and fast during matches.

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