“Don’t bend. Don’t water it down. Don’t try to make it logical. Don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion.

Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” 

– Anne Rice –

Following the methods of Handball Education based on the idea that the human body is an integral system, in the work with the experimental group we did not use corrective exercises aimed at local improvement of the ability of internal hip rotation. 

The additional contents we conducted were aimed at the development of as many different abilities as possible (coordination, proprioception, explosive power, flexibility, stability etc), the intensity of work was low or medium, and the volume was large.

The exercises we used are performed using the whole body with the simultaneous stimulation of the development of several abilities:

gymnastics exercises (forward reel, backward reel, flying reel, judo forward fall, cartwheel on the side, one-handed cartwheel, standing on shoulder blades, standing on head, standing on hands, standing on hands + reel forward, rondat, reel back + standing on hands, height on hoops, somersault forward, backward reverse, etc.),

basics of athletic school (low skip, high skip, Indian, lower leg throw, throwing lower leg, step-step, lateral step-step movement, grabbing step, step, skipping screws, frontal and lateral crossings over the groin at hip height, different combinations of foot and leg jumps through coordination ladders “kidgrid”, learning the technique of landing and reflection on both and one leg in a straight line and with rotation etc),

strength exercises, performing push-ups, reverse push-ups, squats without external load, technique and strength falls forward, on trail and side, learning joints and isometric strength in endurance in the fold position etc),

and various exercises of climbing (on a rope, on a bar),

swinging (on arms, bars and hoops),

crawling, walking on all fours, etc.

The test results show that with the development of targeted abilities that we wanted to influence by using these exercises, the “accidental” consequence of such training is better internal rotation of the hips, although we did not deal with it specifically.