Domagoj Matoic



The most important coaching virtues of coaches from your childhood?

Handball knowledge.

I can’t remember a specific situation. 

If after some time I can see progress in the team’s game, or I notice one player’s personal progress, I know that the coach is doing a great job. 

In addition to knowledge, dedication to the team, to every individual, and consistency in work.

The most important coaching virtues?

I have worked with young people from day one, and I try to pass onto them a love for handball and sport in general. 

I put a lot of focus on values because I find them more important than anything, in addition to knowledge.

Which is the most useful method of the traditional methods of handball coaching, and which of Handball Education?

Handball medals from the Olympics, as well as World and European Championships, and individual recognition, are the most valuable of the traditional learning methods. 

The biggest value of the Handball Education methods is learning in an environment which encourages freedom. 

The freedom to choose, evaluate, make decisions, etc. 

Freedom is a prerequisite for creating something new, it enables an individual to achieve his full potential. 

Medals will follow one day.

Why do you think that emotions are the key stone of education?

Unfortunately, “family” as the central community is loosing its significance in my surroundings.

Children spend more time in institutions, behavior disorders are more common, their concentration is lower, they handle criticism and failure with more difficulty.

Experience in working with children in school and in a club?

Children go to school or a club to gain skills and knowledge.

There is a difference in structure and approach.

Schools conduct a plan and programme on a national level, with small divergences between schools.

Clubs, on the other hand, don’t have a plan and programme, or very few clubs do.

A child is left to the coach’s ideas and handball visions.

The plan and programme in schools are more versatile and are conducted for a larger number of children, whereas clubs focus more on a particular sport.

Because of the grading system in schools, children are also under pressure due to constant evaluation. They are more prone to stress because they have obligations.

During practice they are more relaxed, they like the sport they have chosen, and they are motivated.

The student/teacher relationship is more distanced and official, while the player/coach relationship is closer.

Why are Croatians so good at handball?

Genetic potential

and guidance through traditional methods of learning handball by a number of top-notch coaches, who are handball enthusiasts,

have resulted in a winning combination.


Experience as the player:

Croatian first league:

RK Nexe, RK Medveščak, RK Dubrava


The coach from 2005, A licence of Croatian Handball Federation:

RK ”Maksimir”, RK „Metalac”


Professor of physical education in the elementary school