The brain likes a surprise!

It is a main drive of the learning process and it is increasing when we are surprised or we laugh. We want to provoke pleasant emotions of high intensity, as that guarantees fast and permanent learning of handball.

They are best provoked during playing or contest.

The point of the “Handball Education” is learning technical elements by performing movements at the whole, with simultaneous development of the psychomotor speed.

The content we create should fulfill the following criteria:

Positive emotional surroundings: We want players to practice in a relaxed and happy manner so they could train better.

Developing abilities important for playing handball: In this case bouncing the ball.

One exercise from our summer camp: HESC1.0



When they start racing, Janko needs to track the position of the ball, and at the same time be careful not to bump into another players in full speed.

In an unprotected environment, Janko’s involvement is large, the concentration does not lessen, and with little imagination (e.g. in exercises when he can hit a ball that teammates bounce at high speed) it is possible to bring him into a state of constant tensions and reflex reactions.


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