We have the same jerseys, the same tracksuits,

the same love of winning,

the same way of …


These are just the marks of a club that help us recognise each other.

Does this make us unique?


It’s something that is easy to organise and learn.

Creating a culture has a deeper effect and makes a more substantial change.

It consists of common ideas, outlooks on the game, a system of values, i.e. all the activities of club members.


An important step is creating a recognisable style of training and play. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be different than that of other clubs, but it has to have a logical course from the youngest players all the way to the seniors. 

The basic idea of how we train and play is developed in everyday interaction between coaches, and is always being improved with new details. They are taken from experience and notes on the evolution of training methods and the development of handball.

The most important question is:


Coaches should know why they are implementing a certain model of training and playing.

The goal should be a clearly defined style of play in the senior category, and the course of learning should be logical since some knowledge is based on specific previous knowledge and acquiring it is incomplete if the player doesn’t know the basics.

Coaches need to know why something is important for a specific age group,

and it doesn’t matter if the younger players don’t yet know something that the seniors do.

Experience has shown that it is very difficult to form a group of coaches who work with younger players and who understand and want to implement a unique work programme.

The most common reason for this is ego.

Coaches who have large egos have trouble accepting a role in which their main job isn’t personal promotion through the victories they achieve through creating shortcuts and automatising children, but through the quality learning of basic handball knowledge.


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