Write drunk, revise sober.

– Peter De Vries –

Who chooses coaches and on what criteria? 

And players?

The most important responsibility in creating and maintaining unity is that of the management board of a club. 

Their job is to find competent people,

place them on appropriate positions within the club structure,

and maintaining a culture of honest and open communication.

The coaches are probably the second most important actors in spreading unity because they have direct, everyday influence on all players. 

More ambitious coaches are usually a setback in this process because they are held by their own ambition and can’t see the importance of unity.

Since ambition stems from vanity, this type of coach is not capable of understanding the importance of common goals, and creates a “club within a club” where the point of “his team” is only his personal promotion.

Feelings of belonging to a club, creation of long-term friendships within a team, helping co-workers, long-term progress of the club, etc., are not the primary goals in his mind, but rather an accidental result that happens against his will.

A “worse coach” with a good value system is better for a club than an ambitious “top-notch coach” who is unable to cooperate.

Characteristics we should develop are communication skills, willingness to help, compassion/empathy, reliability, ability to learn,…

Unity, improvement, and wins will be something we won’t have to worry about if we bring people with these characteristics to the club and work diligently on  improving them in other people in the club.