Do players look at their foots while running or playing handball?

At the beginning of practice, it’s a good idea to work on different abilities important for playing handball, and the content we create should fulfil the following criteria:

Positive emotional surroundings: We want players to begin practice in a relaxed and happy manner so they could train better, even when exercises become more strenuous.

Developing abilities important for playing handball: In this case coordination.

/Coordination: Harmonious functioning of muscles or groups of muscles in the execution of movements./


The most important detail is passing the ball.

This way, we teach players not to look at their foots when performing an exercise.

As with playing handball, we look at developing coordination as a balanced movement of the whole body, with the player’s attention focused on his surroundings. In this case, on the ball and his teammate.

The team performing the exercises in the video is the Chinese Women’s Cadet National Team.

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