There’s only one basic principle of self-defense:

you must apply the most effective weapon,

as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target.

Bruce Lee


When Vesna switches to handball after a few years of mini-handball, the way the defence is played changes permanently.

Most of the teams go from pressing all over the field to some form of organised play in which attackers and defenders learn positions and what happens as a consequence is an important fact:

The attacker usually has the ability to move freely before Vesna tries to stop her.


The closer Vesna gets to the senior handball, the larger this space will be.


When the attacker goes forward on Vesna, the natural reaction in children is as follows:

Vesna waits in the spot for the attacker to approach her and tries to stop her by grabbing her.

The mistake this way of playing is that the attacker can easily go to the left and right,

which makes Vesna very vulnerable.

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