This is my truth,

tell me yours.

- Aneurin Bevan -

”Is the goal for Toni to learn in childhood as quickly as possible

how the centre-half moves in a 5-1 defence if the attack is played with 2 line players?

”Is the goal to as quickly as possible teach Toni's friends

If yes, then nothing.

The Handball Education's goal of teaching defence is to prepare Toni to play all zonal, combined and individual defence systems by the time he reaches the senior stage.

Our goal is not for Toni to play a senior-like defence in childhood.

The goal is for him to be able to do so in his senior years, and by that time to tactically educate and develop the skills needed to play different defensive formations.

In mini handball, we played individual defence with simple responsibilities.

It is logical to base the next developmental step on this knowledge, i.e. the transition to playing handball.


After playing 4to4 on a mini handball court, the first step is to play a 6to6 press on the half handball court with equal responsibilities.

how to help Toni by playing defense while he guards his rival's best striker?

”Is the goal of learning

to automate Toni to handle 2on2 play of the back and the line player game as effectively as possible? 

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