Individual Work

It’s not the same thing to play as a line player or a left wing, the same abilities are not crucial for a left back or a goalkeeper.  

How will Tin develop these abilities if we always train in a group? 

How do we encourage the development of different abilities if all the players train the same way? 

Each player should spend some time working on his own. 

To enhance his playing technique, prevent or recover from injuries, develop specific abilities for his position, etc. There are plenty of reasons totry andmake it work. 

I spend 20 to 30 minutes at the beginning of practiceto do this.

How do I organise this if I am single-handedly leading apracticesession for 15+ players? 

Using the XPS Sidelinesport App

I prepare a set of exercises for each player that he performindividually or in a groupif that is how the exercises were created and,I send it to his phone:


Why is it important to have the possibility to prepare and send individual training plans to players before practice? 

In the long run, it is extremely important for Tin to develop his independence. 

This way, I also encourage that development.  

Before practice, Tin can see what he will be doing and prepare in advance.  

He can see if some things aren’t clear and consult me before practice.  

He can follow the guidelines of his individual programme on his own and contribute to its creation long-term if we establish good communication. 

The quality and efficiency of practice are enhanced:  

We don’t waste time explaining and showing exercises. I use this time to monitor the quality of execution of exercises and correct them where necessary.  


Why is using an XPS Sideline software a good way for small clubs to save money?  

With good prep, when practices are organised this way, one app can replace several coaches. 

It is important to create groups of players who have the same needs. 

While wing players work on developing their explosiveness, goalkeepers work on their agility, line players improve their coordination and how they fight for the ball, and back players can focus on developing their overall physical readiness  


Why is the quality of the work exponentially higher if the XPS Sideline is used well?  

A good video can replace a specialist coach showing players how to do something, i.e. Tin has a role model to follow before practice, and every exercise is accompanied by an additional explanation.

I am here to help him with any details that he might have missed.  


Do I use XPS Sideline only when planning a practice session in the gym?  


I use it at the start of a practice to develop different abilities such as coordination, for different exercises with the ball that I use to enhance handball skills, etc.

Every exercise that I can record and explain in writing I can include in this introductory set of a practice session.