They often ask me:

How many inverted rows should my son Luka be able to do at the age of 10 or 12?

Until he can do one proper inverted row, he should not do any at all.

How do we teach children to do a proper inverted row?

(Learning methodology developed by Krešimir Pažin)

 What’s a bad inverted row?


This is a bad inverted row because the athlete:

Lifts up the head in the first stage of the movement to get closer to the higher position.

Bends the lumbar part of the spine.

Moves the body to the left and right because first he raises the left and the right side of the body.

The features of a proper inverted row are:

A controlled movement of lifting up the breasts, and when the chest reaches the final point, the body is lowered to its initial position which lasts for 3-5 seconds, so that during the whole movement the head and the entire spine are in a neutral position.


If we imagine a line covering the length of the body from the feet to the vertex of the head, the position of any part of the leg, hull or head should not move in relation to that line.


The first step is to teach Luka to keep the spine in neutral position by performing isometric exercises with banded knees to develop the ability to maintain that position. For that we use a ball that easily falls from Luka’s abdomen whenever they are not in perfect balance.

By lifting the feet from the floor we encourage the activation of the muscles necessary to maintain that neutral position.



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