Ivan Radmanović

Coach from your childhood?

When I was a boy, I trained at RC NEXE, and the people who left the deepest trace on me were Damir Eklić and Damir Knežić.

The most important coaching virtues?

What I strive for in personal development I transfer to coaching: consistency, the ability to learn, the application of new content in work and a pedagogical approach to learning in the education of players. 

I am convinced that it is important for players not to put the result in the forefront, but to develop a love of training, matches and handball.

Nowadays, the ego is more important than anything, so the result is put as a benchmark for success, instead of prioritising quality and long-term development of children.

We live in times where children are increasingly under stress and from the very beginning they are evaluated and raised to be “perfect”. Apparently, “world champions” are being created, so children from the youngest age are not entitled to error and are left with low self-esteem if they are not the best at something. 

Your most important coaching virtue?

My goal in coaching is to develop, in senior handball and in the younger age categories, the players whose priority is the love of handball, and through handball to acquire the skills they use in everyday life.

I would also consider it a great coaching success to instil in players that giving up is not an option, both in sports and in life.