Krešimir Pažin


Coach from your childhood?

Friends and hanging out with them were the main motive why I practiced handball while I was a kid, and the coach always knew how to hold us together and teach us how to play handball. Today I see how hard he worked on us.

The most important coaching virtues?

Patience is the most important virtue of us who work with children.

Today, children are often victims of ambitions of parents and ambitious coaches, and this path is full of shortcuts and learning of fundamental knowledge is often skipped.

By working based on the methods of Handball Education I was further convinced that patience is fruitful.

The other is related to the education of future athletes: the freedom to express own and respect others’ opinions. Encouraging self-reflection and observing the “fruits” of this process is my personal greatest pleasure in this vocation.

It is a privilege for me to actively participate in a process of a child’s growing up to an adult age.


Which is the most useful method of the traditional methods of handball coaching, and which of Handball Education?

Traditional methods are positive because of the speed at which it is possible to explain and solve a particular problem, especially in learning tactics.

Handball Education provides children with the possibility of natural learning as the basis for logical judgment and understanding of the handball principles. It is a long road to take, which ultimately gives a much better result.

What is the most important in working with preschool children?

The ability to induce positive emotions and understanding that a child is not a small adult, but rather a small being who creates the foundation of his personality.

You work in several kindergartens in Zagreb, and in the club with older boys.

In pre-school age, it is important to develop biotic motor skills through which we directly influence the development of a child’s intelligence through physical activity and processing of information.

At the age of 12, it is important to express oneself verbally, in writing or in some other way (sports, music, etc.).

At the age of 18, it is important to distinguish what is fundamental in life and to create life guidelines that depend greatly on the social environment.

Why are Croatians so good at handball?

There are many factors that affect success, and I would like to point out a large number of quality coaches in Croatian handball.


Professor of kinesiology, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb

Lecturer in Oxford University Congress, 2016

Coach in “Universal Sports Schools” in 5 kindergartens in Zagreb

Handball coach since 2016

Coach of youth categories in MRK “Metalac”