In the game, kids almost always throw the ball above the defensive player.

When Ivan and Marko enroll handball they do not know how to pass and they cannot uncover themselves without the ball but they want to play (mini) handball.

At the moment when Ivan has a ball, the defender will want to get it by cutting the pass, and Marko will either stand or go towards Ivan.

None of these two options is desirable in our program.

If Marko goes towards Ivan, he does not learn how to uncover himself in a space, and Ivan learns to push the ball or pass from hand to hand.

If Marko stands and waits for a pass, it’s natural that Ivan will try to pass him the ball by throwing the ball above the defender.

We do not want that because in this way Ivan learns to pass by pushing the ball, and Marko learns to stand and wait for the pass.

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