Big clubs, as well as those who want to be the best, need a fitness coach.

What about clubs that can’t afford one?

Are the players in these clubs destined to have lousy training sessions in the gym?

I work for a small club that cannot afford a fitness coach, but with an education degree and over 25 years of coaching experience, in addition to continuous self education, I am qualified to create a solid workout plan in the gym.

Why do small and rich clubs need the XPS Sideline?

Until I started using XPS Sideline, the process was as follows:

Based on the data I had, I would determine the exercises, the number of sets and reps, and the weights the player should work with.

I would put a table on the wall and players would note down what they had done. Using this data, I would calculate what each individual player had to do during their next training session.

I would need 2 hours for copying, calculating and entering new data for each training session, and we would work out twice a week.

Using the XPS Sideline monthly planning,

it takes me 2 hours to set the data for the whole team,

and each player receives an individualised training plan on their phone.

How do I make an individual training plan for each player two months in advance using the XPS?

Firstly, I determine the exercises and the number of sets and reps for each training.

Using the %1RM, I calculate the weights each player should work with. For each exercise during practice, the player enters the data as well as the number of reps and the weight he worked with in the app, and I enter the 1RM data in the XPS.

As the workout plan is created in %1RM, the XPS calculates with which weights the player should work next time.

With the right dosage, I can put additional instructions and a video next to each exercise to show the proper technique, and the XPS has a database with several hundred exercises divided into categories, so I can also use these exercises.

How do we conduct training sessions in the gym?

Each player has a personalised training plan, as well as written explanations and videos in the XPS app. My job is to observe the techniques and help the more inexperienced players.

I don’t think I can monitor the number of repeats and weights of 15 individual players at the same time,

so having the XPS do it for me is a great plus.

This way, I can focus on the techniques and correcting mistakes.