The process of developing strategies for unconscious information receipt (“to see”) is split into 6 stages:

  1. “central variable”
  2. central permanent”
  3. “central optional”
  4. “peripheral following”
  5. “peripheral variable”
  6. “peripheral dispersed”

a) imposed

b) spontaneous

With all of us, the process of introducing the next step is the same: it starts with defence, because there is less information required to be processed there, thus it is easier to master new strategies for receiving information. Once mastered, will be used when practicing attacks.

Almost all players are capable of reaching 5th level of this development, if the development of such strategies is incorporated into everyday trainings and playing matches. It seems that level 6.b) is reachable only to the most talented.


* The concept of development of peripheral vision is based on: Percepción y creatividad en el proceso de aprendizaje del balonmano by Philippe Pinaud y Enrique Díez (


  1. “central variable”
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