Quarantine and Sport

We do not know how long we will be quarantined. 

We are not leaving the apartments, that is our responsibility towards the community.

But the athlete who acts responsibly to themselves and the club where they play has not stopped training.

We will have the matches again in a month, maybe two, and maybe not before next fall.

So, why to train?

We can’t go to the gym and we can’t go to the hall.

Where and how to train?

At home and in a nearby park if it’s not closed.

Although I know that we will not play as good as we did until the last game and regardless of when the next game will be played, I created an individual work program for the players in collaboration with Krešimir Šoš.

In addition to general physical fitness, some players have been given exercises adapted to their current condition and functional deficits.

Through the XPS App

each player received exercises to perform, the number of sets and reps, and a demo video of the exercises.

There is also an explanation of what to pay specific attention while exercising.

When they finish the training, the players send me feedback via their cell phone and, if necessary, we coordinate further work based on that information.

Will all players do all the training? No.

Will those who do most of the training do all the exercises? No.

Would they do much more because I had taken effort and sent them a program? Yes.

I am convinced that it is my job to do it regardless of when we play the next game.