Robert Papić




Why do you think that emotions are the key stone of education?

We are created so that a joy is our starter. Our brain is made in a way that we search for a joy and avoid pain.

In addition to primary emotions like joy, sadness, anger and fear, there is a whole spectrum of emotions in humans, depending on the situation, education and culture.

In modern society it is desirable to hide them, and we practice hiding our emotions since childhood, although we know that suppressing feelings is, in a long-term, harmful process. In time, a transmitted message is changing considering the environment in which person is growing up, so emotions become more difficult to interpret.

Difficulties in the interpretation of emotions are often a source of conflicts.

What about the handball technique in childhood?

There is no technique for kids.

There is an efficient or good and inefficient or bad technique.

The point of the “Handball Education” is learning technical elements by performing movements at the whole, with simultaneous development of the psychomotor speed and the te-ta creativity.

It is based on the assumption that one should respect the difference between individual kids players and with the faith in biological ability of self-creation of motoric programs adapted to their individuality.

Such motoric model will be perfectly harmonised with biological characteristics, because it was formed by auto harmonisation, hence it is realistic that in the end of the process it will be more successful.


EHF Master Coach

Profesional handball coach in Croatia and Spain since 1993