Step by step: penetration, fields, roads and changing roads 2/20

There is a belief that penetration is a start of attacking and this sometimes happens, but much more often the game begins with feinting 1on1 or combinatorics of 2-3 attackers, and penetration serve to realize a numerical superiority in the final phase of the attack. 

By that, I refer to attacking the space between the defenders and quickly passing the ball before the foul, i.e. quickly assessing the situation and deciding whether Vito will pass the ball, or shoot, or pass to the line player, or do something else.

It is crucial to make Vito aware of the need to attack into space,

not towards the defender.

Attacking towards the defender is mostly useless.

It can only be useful if Vito is a great feinter,

so he can create numerical superiority.