Step by step: penetration, fields, roads and changing roads 3/20

The quality of defence at practices plays an important role in the learning of a penetration.

If defenders help one another, Vito will quickly understand the importance of attacking into space and passing the ball before the foul.

If they are not skilled and aggressive enough, Vito will score goals easily and will not be forced to make quick decisions and act accurately.

We will explain how to learn to create a numerical superiority and realisation by reading the game, moving with and without the ball and cooperation of 2 or more attackers by avoiding the 1on1 game.

We divided the learning into 4 phases, while each phase consists of several steps:

(0-4): Learning of penetration

(5-6): Learning of penetration and fields

(7-13): Learning of penetration, fields and roads

(14-21): Learning of penetration, fields, roads and changing roads