THIRD DIMENSION OF LOAD (2/2) or Why is it easy to run?

Yes, she cries when she is sad and angry. Sometimes she just cries her eyes out at a practice. We are alone in a 700 square-meter hall. We close all doors. Nobody goes in. She has to meet 10 different indicators, she has to defeat herself, the world champion.

The condition in that hall is such that you should not fire a match – everything would go sky-high. Everything is so full of emotion and strength. When a success happens, it is followed by unlimited happiness, when a fail occurs, there comes unlimited sadness, sorrow, anger and tears.

This is an everyday life of Blanka Vlašić.

– Joško Vlašić –


In handball and all other sports where creativity and psychomotor speed are important, such a view is not complete.

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