Handball and lot more!

How could we make a good decision (a solution to the problem),

if beforehand we did not see the situation in the game (a problem)?

For most people, except those with significant refractive errors, eyes are more capable than we perceive from the first glance.

Through eyes we receive everything that is in their reach, which is around 180°.

Even with vision problems recently we have solutions like using lenses or rubber-plastic glasses, so we can say that eyes are not the limiting factor for receiving information.

Peripheral vision is genetic gift to chosen ones?

 The process of developing strategies for unconscious information receipt (“to see”) is split into 6 stages (7 trainings):

  1. “central variable”
  2. “central permanent”
  3. “central optional”
  4. “peripheral following”
  5. “peripheral variable”
  6. “peripheral dispersed” imposed & spontaneous


The concept of development of peripheral vision is based on investigations of Philippe Pinaud and Enrique Díez.


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