At the recently held Final4, one of the best individual players was Dainis Kristopans (215 cm, 135 kg).

A giant who is virtually unable to be stopped when he is in possession of the ball and moving towards the center segment of the offense because his shots are almost impossible to block due to the height from which he is shooting;

virtually unstoppable in 1:1 play because he is agile enough despite his build;

and he works well with the line player when guarded by two or three defense players.


What would happen with his game if the defense stopped him from receiving the ball when he is running to the middle?

What would happen if the defense forced him to go to his weaker side, i.e. wide, instead of straight down the middle?

What would his game look like if he was guarded by an aggressive, fast defense player, and not always the strongest player we have on the team?

I don't know.

We haven’t seen any of that.

How is it possible that in a high-level game like the EHF Champions League semifinal match, he received the ball successfully 11 out of 12 times while moving towards the center, and scored 10 goals from 12 shots?

(he only went wide once and only because the right wing freed the side by running at the second line player, and Ariño made a mistake by letting him receive the ball, so Kristopans used the mismatch)


Two questions arise in this situation:

How is it possible that before the match top-notch teams don't have

at least two ways already designed to stop such a superior,

but still predictable player?


How is it possible that the best players in the world

are not capable of adapting their game in defense during a match in such simple situations?

Our sport is not nearly as developed as other global sports, such as basketball, in an organisational and tactical sense.


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