If you don’t write down what you do, 

you will always do the same things at practice.

This is a lesson I learned at the beginning of my career as coach from a coach who at the time had enough experience to make me believe he had everything planned out in his head.

Enough exercises, enough practice, enough training and competitions.


Why would he need to write anything down?

I am not a fan of  exercise encyclopedias, but I know that a coach needs a certain base to draw from and create the content for his practices.

XPS Sideline enables me to create my own workout base and helps me classify it according to criteria which I can determine on my own.

My criteria are not technique, tactics, physical training, but biomechanics of movement, psychomotor speed and technical – tactical creativity and this is why it’s important that I can create these folders myself.

What is more important to me than a collection of exercises is the relationship between the content that I use at practices over weeks and months.


Read more about how I use the XPS Sideline here

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