It’s not an issue if one player misses practice once

and is “deprived” of what we did at practice that time.

The issue arises if this happens repeatedly.

Will Branko, who is 12 and misses practice on Thursdays, be deprived of 40 feint practises in that season, if we learn feints on Thursdays?

If we multiply this situation with 6-7 players who have the same weakly rhythm, the problem seems unsolvable.

How can a coach simultaneously monitor how much content has a player covered if we count in sickness, missed practises due to family affairs, etc.?

Since XPS monitors attendance and our agenda at the same time by checking the statistics of an individual player, we can come to a conclusion by simply looking at the image.

The image we see for Branko will correspond to what we want to see only in players with a 100% attendance rate.

In real life it will be similar, but we can determine how much deviation from what we want is still fine.

In case of significant deviation, we prepare additional content for Branko who performs it by himself until his image is close to what we want to see.

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